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Breaking News: We have our first homeless youth center!

"The Friends of Sts. Sergius & Bacchus"


August, 2016:  We are accepting 16 LGBTQ Male Children from the ages of 14 to 22 years old, in our new facility, The Sanctuary of Sts. Sergius & Bacchus, in Tampa, FL.  Due to security concerns, we will not be publishing the address of the facility.


** All of our first residents are being rescued from physical danger due to gangs, sex trafficking and/or drug situations.


St. Sergius & St. Bacchus are Patron Saints of the LGBTQ Community. They were a gay couple who sacrificed their lives for their belief in God and their love for each other.


*** We are hoping to open a Sanctuary for LGBTQ female youth in September, in Tampa, and establish sanctuaries in Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami between now and November 1st, 2016.  As we are able to establish larger facilities, we will accept all youth in the area. However, we are working with other organizations to facilitate emergency services in the meantime.




If you are a homeless youth from the ages of 9 to 23 in Florida; you can call our emergency hot line at 813-205-2134, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  One of our case workers will be able to help you.

Community Outreach


The Sovereign Military Knights of the Imperial Orders, Inc. is currently headquartered in Central Florida with several major programs approved and in development throughout the United States.  All of the Community Services provided by the Orders are Direct to the Client.  We do not raise funds for other organizations or service providers.


The Orders felt the need for a strong Community Outreach central base of operation. Versailles USA will be our central base of operation within the United States and around the world.  Versailles USA is a multifaceted project with many programs interwoven into it.   Versailles USA encompasses almost 4,000 Acres of land.


Everyone has personal crusades based upon their own passions.  Therefore, we are going to describe the various programs based upon the social issue the programs have been designed to change.



         There are almost 1.8 million homeless children in the United States from birth to 18 years old.  This equals one out of every seven.  Over forty percent of the Homeless Youth are members of the LGBTQ Community.

       In Florida, there are just under 6,000 homeless kids on the streets according to official records.  The true number of homeless children in the state are unknown.  The second group of children in need are the many teenage children in Foster Care who are never going to be adopted for one reason or another.  There is a third group known as Redeemable Kids.  These are children which were adopted in foreign countries or from broken homes and whose adopted parents have decided they no longer want them.  There is a fourth group of homeless children.  Under the national guidelines, Individuals between the ages of 18 to 23 years old qualify as Homeless Children.  The full numbers related to this group are unknown.

       The entire collection is very disturbing when you think about America being one of the greatest countries in the world.


Our Part of the Solutions:

        We are building a Boarding School with the capacity of 7,000 students from the ages of 9 to 18 years old.  We are going to house, cloth, feed and educate every child who wishes to be a part of our program who is either homeless, in foster care or a redeemable kid.  We will not allow the court to order children into our program.  We want only the kids who want our help.  However, we will accept a court order on a child who requests the court to place them in our program.

          Every kid in our program will be required to participate in Community Service, an extracurricular sports program, and an extracurricular humanities  program.

       The Boarding School will be open to both international and local students associated with the various programs associated with the Versailles USA Grounds.  The school will be run on the Eaton College model.  Every student will be on an individualized curriculum.  Furthermore, every student will wear only approved uniform clothing.  Therefore, no one will ever know which students are part of the Homeless Children's Initiative.  Everyone will be equal.

        There will be a special dorm area set up for homeless kids from the ages of 18 to 23 years old.  We will have housing for 1,500 kids.  Each of these kids will be enrolled in either a GED program or High School Diploma program.  If they have completed either of these programs prior to arriving at to the facilities, they will enter the Trade Certification Program directly.  The object is to have these kids leave the facility with the potential of finding and maintaining a job, as well as, getting an apartment.

       We will be developing programs in the future to aid children in gaining scholarships for college, if they qualify.  We will be developing transitional housing in various metropolitan cities throughout Florida to assist the children in transitioning from the School to fully self sustaining lives.  We intend to help every child gain their own apartment and a place of employment before they leave our programs.  We will continue to follow-up on every child for at least one year.  Every child will realize we are their extended family and they can always call on us for advice and assistance.

        Until the Boarding School is open, we will be operating a youth boarding facility in Tampa which will be able to start the processing of kids for the main facility and will be able to house around 24 kids.



         There are more than 50.2 million people living in poverty and going hungry in the United States.  Many of them are children and the elderly.  They are often unnoticed in our society.  They just seem to fall through the cracks.


Our Part of the Solutions:

        We have two programs designed for this social issue.

         First, we are developing a life skills and employability training facility.  We will open a facility in every metropolitan city throughout America once we have honed the programs within the facility to be both productive and useful.  The hope is to teach life skills to the disenfranchised throughout the community to allow them the opportunity to become a productive part of society, as a whole.  Each facility will have a small emergency clinic to treat people with infections and colds, a shower area, a laundry area, class rooms, a commercial kitchen, a dinning room, employer interview rooms, social workers and administrators, as well as, food pantry, interview clothing pantry and every day necessities clothing pantry.  We will open the first facilities in Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.  We are looking to develop these centers around January of 2018.

        Secondly, we will be developing Urban Vertical Farms to provide food for soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and food pantries.  Like the Life Skills Training Facilities, we intend to build these Urban Vertical Farms in every metropolitan city in America.  These farms will be self-sustaining and will qualify as hurricane and tornado shelters.  In times of a national emergency, these facilities could provide a steady food supply for the entire region.  The first Vertical Farms will be created on the grounds of Versailles USA and will be housed above the parking garages.  They will provide food for the entire complex, as well as, producing enough fruits and vegetables for all the food pantries, homeless shelters and soup kitchens in Central Florida.  The Orders will sell any additional supplies in the Farmer's Market or, directly, to restaurants within the region.  The Orders will establish a mobile food pantry to service the region and distribute the supplies.  These mobile food pantries will also be a part of the nationwide program since many of the most needy in the community cannot get to the food pantries and soup kitchens with their communities.



         The numbers suffering from medical maladies is growing every day and it is the most expensive and menacing issue facing society today, the costs and administration of health care.  There are more than 52 million people without any insurance in the United States and the numbers are growing. At the same time, millions are dying from Cancer, Parkinson, Alzheimer, and AIDS while many more are suffering from common diseases and tremendous pain.   Most clinical trials are being publicly funded and the results are being given directly to individual pharmaceutical companies.  These companies do not share the data with other researchers.  Therefore, the tax payer is paying to make pharmaceutical companies rich.  Furthermore, any potential treatment or cure which does not have a high profit profile is scrapped and shelved.


Our Part of the Solutions:

        The Orders has three programs in development at this time associated with Health Care.

        First, the Orders is developing a small chain of medical clinic in the State of Florida as a test to our new affordable health care insurance program.  The first clinic will be opened in Tampa in August of 2016 and the next set of clinics will be opened in Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami between September an November of 2016.  Each clinic will offer full medical services at low rates for the uninsured.

       Second, Versailles USA will house the largest medical clinic in the world.  The entire facility will be collaborative and cooperative in nature.  The Orders is inviting every nation in the world to send their researchers and chief medical officers to Versailles USA to find the cures necessary to help humanity. There will be over 60 million square feet of clinics, hospitals, medical schools, research centers, and lecture halls.  The complex will also house the only raw research data base in the world.  We will make the raw data available to researchers around the world to help discover and find cures for major diseases.  Any patient who cannot find medical treatment within their community and do not have the funds for treatment will be covered by the Orders for their treatment at Versailles USA.

        Third, the Orders is developing a national insurance program for the 52 million uninsured in this country.  We are going to offer an insurance program for about $ 100.00 per month for individuals unable to afford the private insurance being offered under various medical programs but they make too much to qualify for government programs.  The insurance program will be tested through the Orders' clinics in Tampa, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.  Once the program is proven, there are plans to take it nationwide.



         The Earth is losing valuable resources.  We are destroying the rain forest.  We are polluting the oceans.  We are destroying the land.  We are using up the resources of the planet with no end in sight.


Our Part of the Solutions:

        Versailles USA will have five Eco-Theme Parks; Ocean World, Desert, Plains, Rain Forest, and Arctic.  Each domed area will be an educational tool to teach people about the fragile balance of nature and the world in which we live.  They will teach about conservation and limiting our carbon footprint on this world.  They are being designed to show people how to build and maintain a balanced environment without creating pollution and destroying the ozone.

         Versailles USA will also be using special construction methods to insure our buildings are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and self-sustaining.  The project will use Blue-Green Algae to produce electricity and petroleum products for the equipment.  This synthetic petroleum is grown in tubes and it feeds upon pollutants.  Therefore, the carbon dioxide from the domes and the smoke and pollutants from the generating system will be used to feed the algae.  It will be a closed end system and it will be self perpetuating.  The facilities will also use solar power which will purify water, provide heated water, provide air conditioning for the facilities and provide an auxiliary power supply.

      Versailles USA will develop and test new environmentally friendly processes to help clean the air, conserve water and restore missing nutrients to the soil.  It is our collective responsibility to mantain and save the Earth for future generations.


      Many of our programs will be funded and sustained by the for profit enterprises on the property.  There will be hotels, the world's largest shopping center, an executive camp ground and RV Resort, the largest convention center in the United States, an international business center, a 2,500 stall stable and equestrian center, a Renaissance/Medieval Times theme park, a Renegade theme park, and the events and rides within the Eco-Theme Parks.  We hope to make Versailles USA a self-funded and self-sustaining project for many years to come.


We will be adding sub-menu pages in the near future with individual details for each program.  We hope you will return often to keep up with our progress and new developments.


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