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Fundraising Programs


There are three major fundraising programs associated with Noblesse Oblige Charities and the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Knights of the Imperial Orders.  Each program is unique.  Individuals can participate in one, two or all three of the programs.


The first program is by direct donation to Noblesse Oblige Charities.  We have several levels available for donations.  The basic level is $30.00 a month, on a recurring basis.  It allows the opportunity for the average Joe to participate and be a part of the grass roots movements of the Orders.  It allows a person to find his Nobility within.


There are opportunities ranging from $30.00 per month to $1,000.00 per month.  The large amounts are designed for corporate donors.  However, we leave it between you and God on where your level of donation may reside.  Everyone has to be fiscally responsible in this world.  Our goal is to have 15 million members by the middle of 2017.  However, we need your help to make this a reality.


With the donation to Noblesse Oblige Charities, you have the opportunity to become a part of the IPBT Initiative.  Remember, we believe it takes Individuals, Professionals and Business Together to make a difference.  Together we can build a better and stronger community.


IPBT Initiative is designed to allow individuals of every economic strata an opportunity to be a part of the community outreach programs provided by the Orders, through Noblesse Oblige Charities.  IPBT gives individuals, professionals and businesses the opportunity to show their Nobility of Spirit and to participate directly in the daily operations of the Orders.


The Cookbook Trilogy is a project in development.  It is meant to be a series of cookbooks designed as a survival guide for men.  The concept is from Teen to Grave and Everything Between.


Special Events are designed and created to boost our fundraising efforts but, also, to allow our various donors and volunteers a chance to meet and share ideas in a social environment.  We are going to try to host a special and different event every month with the Imperial Ball being the largest fundraising event in the year.

Noblesse Oblige Charities

The Community Outreach Programs (Direct Services) and Fundraising arm for

The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Knights of the Imperial Orders, Inc.


a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Corporation


Under the direction of H.I.&M.E.H. Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin - Grand Crowned Prince, Grandmaster and Archbishop

for the Orders and with the full authority of the Sovereign Council

The Knight on horseback leading the charge for justice.  A representation of The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Knight of the Imperial Orders.
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