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H.I.&M.E.H. Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin A/K/A Dr. Donald Lee Pippin, Grand Crowned Prince of Eurasia

H.I.&M.E.H. Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin

Introduction to the 42nd Grand Crowned Prince, Grand Master & Archbishop of the Orders:

His Imperial & Most Eminent Highness Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin

As the Archbishop of the Orders; he may be referred to as:

H.E. The Most Right Rev. Dr. D. Lee Pippin


The Legacy


His Imperial & Most Eminent Highness, Prince Donald Lee McKinney Knight Dillon Kennedy Frazer Longton Palmer DeLeon Caraway Pippin is the 42nd Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Knights of the Imperial Orders and the heir to the Austria-Hungarian, Byzantine, Carolingian, Frankish, Holy Roman, Roman, Russian, and Sassanid (2nd Persian) Empires, as well as, being the direct heir to King David of Israel; which combined equates to being the Grand Prince of Eurasia, a combination of all 89 countries which are his by birthright and law.  He is also heir to fifty-eight Duchies; twelve Earldoms; sixty Countships; and eight Baronies.  His Imperial Highness is recognized by the European High Court at the Hague and is the head of the Council of One Hundred.  Currently, he is the head of the oldest Imperial Family still known to exist today.

Map of the territory Prince Pippin is eligible to inherit, minus all the additional territories associated with colonies.

The area shown in this color on the map are all the territories associated with his Highness by Right of Inheritance, without the inclusion of any colonies or territories associated with the principal countries

His Imperial & Most Eminent Highness is heir to the thrones of Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, China – Parts in North, Croatia, Cypress, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, England, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, India – Northwestern Part, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Jersey, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Norway, Netherlands, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkestan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vatican City, Vojvodina, Wales, and Yemen.  The heritage is completely documented and

can be viewed at:

Prince Pepin

Prince Pippin, represents the oldest royal family in the world, with a history dating before 3,500 BCE and chronicled by Albert F Schmuhl, in “The Royal Lines”, March 1929, New York, New York.  Which is in contrast to the claim of the Emperor of Japan, who dates back to 660 BC and has made the claim to the oldest ruling family.  However, for a brief history starting with approximately his 107th Great Grandfather, King David of Israel around 1040 BCE; who is followed by the entire line of Judah Kings and Exilarchs.  Moving to Europe, there is the Emperor Julius Caesar, followed by, the  Emperor Augustus, Emperor Tiberius Nero, and Emperor Tiberius, all of the Roman Empire; Brận “the Blessed” Fendigaid of Siluria – the First Converted King to Christianity; Emperor Heraclius and Emperor Constantine III of Byzantine Empire; Emperor Kavadh I of Persia and the Sassanid Empire; Charles “the Hammer” Martel of the Franks; Emperor Charlemagne of the Frankish and Carolingian Empires, Emperor Pèpin of Italy, Emperor Louis “The Pious” of The Holy Roman and Carolingian Empires; King Bernard of Italy; Emperor Heinrich I – 1st Emperor of Germany; Emperor Otto I – of Germany and Holy Roman Empire; Duke Hugh Magnus of Burgundy; King Olaf III of Sweden, Norway and Denmark; Crut the Great of England, Denmark, Norway and Sweden; King Baldwin II of Jerusalem; King Alfonso VII of Castile and Leon; King Bella III and King Andras II of Hungary; King Alfred the Great – First King of all Britain; William “the Conqueror” and King Henry II of England; to name only a few.


His Imperial Highness, Prince Pippin has more documented direct lines of decent than any current claim to any throne throughout Europe, Asia, or Africa and is a direct relation to every European Royal currently sitting on a throne; for instance, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is his 7th Cousin and King Phillipe of Spain is his 6th Cousin.


His Imperial & Most Eminent Highness, Prince Fra’ Dr. D. Lee Pippin has many roots in the foundation of America, as well.  His Excellency had two Great Grandparents on the Mayflower, a Great Grandfather who led the first militia in Massachusetts and eight members of the family who fought in the American Revolution, who were either American Patriots or French Allies.  He is a blood relation to five presidents of the United States; George Washington, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Millard Fillmore, William Howard Taft, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  His Excellency believes his family paid a tremendous price in the founding of the United States.  They were pioneers and explorers associated with almost every colony in the Americas and they were here from the beginning.

His Imperial and Most Eminent Highness, Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin, Grand Crowned Prince, Prince Grand Master and Archbishop
H.I.&M.E.H. Prince Fra' Dr. D. lee Pippin, Grand Crowned Prince, Grand Master, And Archbisop of the Knights of the Imperial Orders

The Individual

On a personal note, Prince Pippin read at the college level by the age of four and his IQ was measured around 186 out of 200.  It should be noted that 120 was considered Gifted and 140 was considered Genius, at the time.  He was accepted to Oxford University at the age of 14 but was unable to attend due to his father.  Nevertheless, he did attend Columbia University, Edgewood College, University of St. Thomas, University of California – Berkley, and Loyola University and was a member of MENSA.


He has an extremely diverse educational background with studies in Engineering, Medicine, Genetics, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Philosophy, Literature, Computer Science and Law.  He holds numerous degrees, with three of them being Doctorates; Doctorate of Divinity, Doctorate of Philosophy (Metaphysics), and Doctorate of Jurist (International and Contractual Law).


Prince Pippin was the original chairman and co-founder of Students for International Understanding (SIU), which, with the help of Pierre Salinger, became a part of the cultural exchange program of the United Nations.  He was the chairman and co-founder of the Student Advisory Board to State Legislation in Florida.  He is a founding member and on the Board of Directors for the Guild for International Piano Competition, which hosts the Palm Beach Invitational.  He is a founding member and was on the Board of Directors for the International Trade Counsel.  He is a member of the Franco-American Chamber of Commerce and he sits on several Advisory Boards, as well as, being a member of many diverse cultural and artistic organizations.


Prince Pippin has owned his own businesses since he was eighteen years old, with a specialization in International Trade, Finance, and Banking.  He is considered the leading expert in High Yield International Banking Investments and he helped author many of the regulations associated with their trade.  He has been the personal investment adviser to three monarchs, six presidents of foreign nations, three Prime Ministers of foreign nations, and several other notable dignitaries.  Some consider him to be too conservative and old fashioned, despite his record and years of proven service in the past.


Among his other achievements, Prince Pippin has had his own syndicated newspaper column called, “Philosopher’s Corner.”  At one time, Philosopher’s Corner reached 286 publications, worldwide, and was published in twenty languages.  In addition to the column, he has published several works ranging from Social/Political Commentary to Religion to Fiction.  Prince Pippin has published nine novels under three independent pen names.


Prince Pippin hosted a radio show in Spain associated with international business and politics and he hosted a television show in United States of a similar nature.


Prince Pippin has always been active in religion and he was ordained in 1989 and consecrated as an Archbishop on November 17, 1995, by Pope John Paul II, along with Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini and, then, Bishop Giovanni Cheli, serving as co-consecrators.  He was consecration as Archbishop of the Knights of the Imperial Orders.  Prince Pippin is guided by the Holy See and he is autonomous from the mainstream church. As the Archbishop and Grand Master of the Orders, Prince Pippin enjoys liberties which are accorded due to history and birth.  Therefore, he is free to express opinions not in complete adherence with the Dogma of the Church.  The Church has not been an active partner with the Orders for many years but His Excellency hopes to bridge these gaps during this current Papacy.  His Excellency has extended an open invitation to His Eminence, Pope Francis, to join the Orders in their efforts to help the community and the world.


Prince Pippin has dedicated his life to his vocation, his avocation, learning, religious devotion, charity and seeking the greater glory of God and the goodness in mankind.  He is very outspoken and deeply believes people need to take an active part in their lives, their community, and the world.

Important Legal Clarification


On September 11, 2009, upon the passing of his father, His Imperial and Most Eminent Highness, Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin became His Imperial and Most Eminent Highness, Emperor Louis V, in accordance with the traditions and laws associated with ascension to the throne.  His Excellency has continued to use his princely title, though he has full Imperial authority, until he reaches two goals.  First, he wishes the Orders to re-establish bilateral relations, with full diplomatic understanding, with at least twelve countries and, at least, one multilateral relationship with either the European Union or the United Nations, as a full member state.  Secondly, after the first goal has been met, his excellency wants the Holy See to perform the official crowning ceremony on Christmas Eve, at midnight, in the family tradition.  Nevertheless, his excellency is now and forever more will be the Emperor Louis V by divine right and title.

The armorial bearing of H.I.&M.E.H. Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin, the Grand Crowned Prince, which is shared by the Orders.

Noblesse Oblige Charities

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Under the direction of H.I.&M.E.H. Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin - Grand Crowned Prince, Grandmaster and Archbishop

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