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If you are not a part of the Solution, you are a part of the Problem!!

For as little as a DOLLAR a day, you could help change the world

International Medical Research and Treatment Center with raw data storage of medical research for international cooperative efforts
Life Skills training and Employability center for military, veterans and the homeless, poor and unemployed.
Parochial Boarding School for gifted youth from K through 12th Grade.  Boarding School from 3rd through 12th
Farming and research for hunger and starvation in urban settings and part of a feeding program
A youth Brigade related to knighthood and religion.  Youth programs to guide youth in issues of morality, ethics and living in society

I.P.B.T. Initiative Program


          Fundraising is always a challenge for any organization.  It is especially difficult when you are trying to reach out in so many needed and necessary directions to fulfill your mission.  However, we believe, together, we can accomplish these goals and many more because what is an impossible mountain for one person is an insignificant hill for millions.

        Our main fundraising program; the Noblesse Oblige Charities - IBPT Initiative, has several interrelated fundraising options designed to fulfill all our funding needs for our Community Outreach Programs.

         IPBT stands for Individuals, Professionals, and Businesses Together and our fundraising motto is, "Individuals, Professionals, and Businesses, Together, working for a stronger and better community."  The motto stands for what we believe.  It takes the community, the whole community, as a team, to make a difference and to make the community whole, healthy and strong.

         In our opening introduction to the Orders, we stated we believe there are millions of individuals who represent Nobility within their heart and have the potential for Knighthood.  Membership in Noblesse Oblige Charities is the first step.  Here you get to say; "I am a Noble and I know I have a duty to my community.  I want to honor that duty and be a part of the solution.  Therefore, I am going to take this small step to help change the world in a positive and loving way."

         As a part of Noblesse Oblige Charities - IPBT Initiative; you have a variety of options available to you.  We offer different variations of membership which allows individuals, professionals and businesses to show their support.  An individual can be independent, show their affiliation with a company, professional service, organization, church or other non-profit association.  All these interconnections show ties within the community and with each other.  We encourage people to show their ties within the community.

          Once you make your financial commitment; you are a part of the team.

         We hope every donor will become a part of the IPBT Initiative and be able to volunteer at some point and time during their sponsorship.   However, if your schedule does not allow you the time to volunteer; you still have a voice and are a part of the real solution.  Noblesse Oblige Charities - IPBT Initiative is not Knighthood.  However, the Noblesse Oblige Charities - IPBT Initiative  is the first step in the right direction.  It is membership into the Court.  Nevertheless, with great honors comes even greater responsibilities.

        Each Noble, as a member of the Imperial Court, has the right to submit ideas to the Sovereign Board for consideration in regards to outreach within the community.  Every Noble is invited to the annual meeting and we will use as much of modern technology as possible to allow as many members to participate, as humanly possible, because you are the community and your voices are important to us.  Each Noble will be given a chance to nominate and vote for the national board from the eligible candidates, as stated in the Constitutional Charter, as well as, individual committees.  Each Noble will be given the opportunity to nominate and vote on potential outreach programs for the future, as well as, nominate and vote on proposed changes to current programs, based on suggestions from the various committees.  In general, every Noble has a voice in the Court and can influence the goals and objectives of Noblesse Oblige Charities.

      We are looking for a minimum of Fifteen Million Nobles to make the commitment of financial support to Noblesse Oblige Charities on a monthly recurring basis, at a minimum of $ 30.00 per month and a maximum of $ 1,000.00 per month.  We suggest the minimum of $30 a month for students and retirees.  We hope people who are gainfully employed or a family will make the commitment of $50 or $100 per month.  We look for professionals and small businesses to commit at the rate of $200 to $300 per month  and we would like to have large corporations, executives and government agencies commit at the rate of $500 to $1,000 per month.  However, these guidelines are just suggestions and we are honored by any commitment made on our behalf.  In the end, it is a matter of sound personal and professional financial and fiscal responsibility.  We feel the decision is between you and God and we never disclose the value of the donations. Every Member will receive a welcome letter with a window sticker, which can be placed on the door of your business, the window of your car, or on a window in your home.  The window sticker, we hope, will become a common place symbol of participation and growth within the community.  We hope businesses will design specials and discounts associated with membership, as a thank you to individuals for participating in the community.  There are several ideas being developed in association with an IPBT Initiative card where you won't want to leave home without it.

       We hope people will look for the window stickers at their local stores and offices.  Support those businesses which openly support the community and question those stores and offices which do not.  Ask them, respectfully, if they aware of the Community Outreach Programs sponsored by Noblesse Oblige Charities.  If not, excite them with the possibilities, inform them where they can become involved and nurture them in the process.  Remember, you are Noble and you are expected to act as a Noble.  If they are aware of the program; inquire into their reason for not participating with their community.  Depending on their answer; either you can explain any confusion they have over the issue, or, contact the main office with the information and we will try to resolve the conflict and gain the business as a fellow supporter in our joint effort.  Remember, even though we do need funds to move forward and strengthen the community; part of our primary objective is to instill the feeling of community and connectedness with every member of the community: individual, professional, business, and governmental.

      Currently, this is the primary way of Donating to Noblesse Oblige Charities.  However, there are several fun and competitive ways listed below.

      There have been several other ideas offered as a way to raise funds through the membership which businesses see as more realistic and helpful.  We would like to offer these suggestions and we would set up special donation pages for any organization which would like to participate in these programs or design a fundraising program of their own.

      If the member is a restaurant, we would like to make the challenge of a penny a customer, with the restaurant offering its staff and clients the opportunity to match the donation.  Therefore, if the restaurant had 100 clients in a day; it would pay Noblesse Oblige Charities a $1.00 for the day.  If everything was equal and they had 4 wait staff working on this day; the staff would each contribute $0.25 for the day and, hopefully, a table of 4 would contribute $0.04 for the day.  If everyone agreed to participate; Noblesse Oblige Charities would receive $3.00 from the restaurant for its day of business.  Of course, the payment to Noblesse Oblige Charities would be made once a month.  Depending on the arrangements of the restaurant; they could make a single individual payment for all related parties or, there could be several independent monthly payments by the restaurant and each of the wait staff. As long as we are aware of the parties, each participant will be recognized.

     If the member is a car dealership; the dealer agrees to donate $5.00 for every car sold.  Again, it would be nice if the sales staff and the customer agreed to match the donation.  Therefore, each car sold would equal $15.00 towards Noblesse Oblige Charities.  The monthly payments would be similar to the restaurant situation.  There are many options.

     Similar opportunities could be developed with grocery stores, department stores, coffee houses.  There are many opportunities and ideas to make giving fun and community oriented.  We look forward to hearing your ideas on fundraising and working with you to develop them.  With your help, we hope to implement other ideas and methods in the future.

     The objective is to increase awareness, not over burden any one person, profession or group, and allow the community to feel like they are a true and involved part of the community outreach, as well as, the community, as a whole.  Everyone needs to feel and be involved in their community.  Unfortunately, most people feel like they are invisible and separate from the community.  They feel like they are outsiders.  These feelings are not relegated to just the poor, the homeless and the hungry.  Most of the community feels disconnected.  Our goal is to change this feeling by developing community outreach programs which speak to the heart of the whole community, let people know they are a part of the solution and are very important and needed by the whole community, and to let their voices be heard.

     Please, take the first step for our community, choose an amount to donate each month which will work with your budget and donate today - Donate Now!


Noblesse Oblige Charities

The Community Outreach Programs (Direct Services) and Fundraising arm for

The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Knights of the Imperial Orders, Inc.


a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Corporation


Under the direction of H.I.&M.E.H. Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin - Grand Crowned Prince, Grandmaster and Archbishop

of the Orders and with the full authority of the Sovereign Council

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