Message from the Prince Grand Master

Noblesse Oblige Charities

If you are not a part of the Solution, you are a part of the Problem!!

For as little as a DOLLAR a day, you could help change the world

H.I.&M.E.H. Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin A/K/A Dr. Donald Lee Pippin, Grand Crowned Prince of Eurasia

H.I.&M.E.H. Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin

A Message from His Imperial & Most Eminent Highness

Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin

      I know today’s world is filled with financial hardships, stressful schedules, and constant demands. Everyone wants a piece of your time, as well as, your hard earned money.  Plus, it seems like every street corner is filled with individuals pandering for handouts.  On the whole, it is completely overwhelming.

     I am positive, like me, you want to know your money is being spent wisely, to its best advantage, and you want to feel like you have some kind of control and say over how it is being used.  You are tired of having people take, take, and take, always wanting and demanding more, but never listening to what you feel, think or want.

      When my family started the First Order of Knighthood in 754; it was a hands-on cooperative operation.  They built hospitals, monasteries, and schools all over Europe and in parts of the Middle East.  I am very proud of the fact, historically; my ancestors started the first free public schools.  During these past thirteen centuries; we have fought to continue our goals and objectives, despite hardships and social turmoil.

     In order to achieve our goals; I determined three things needed to be in place.  First, people who donate to the organization need to be a part of the organization.  People need to feel they are heard and their opinions matter.  Second, donors need to feel they are equal to one another.  Finally, donors need to feel they are appreciated and see their ideas and suggestions in the work being done by the Orders.

      Thus, I created Noblesse Oblige Charities, which is the community outreach arm of The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Knights of the Imperial Orders.  Within Noblesse Oblige Charities, we have developed the IPBT initiative; IPBT stands for Individuals, Professionals, and Businesses together, because we know it will take the entire community, working together, to solve the social injustices within the community.

       Every donor to our community outreach programs has the right to participate in the organization and provide their insights and voice to the process.  It is your choice whether to be a passive donor within the Noblesse Oblige Charities program or to become a part of the IPBT initiative, which gives you a direct voice in regards to our outreach programs and agendas.  All members have an equal voice and vote.  In fact, not only do I want to hear your opinions and ideas; I want you to be a part of the projects and programs by volunteering your time and talents, as well. Wherever you see an opportunity or feel the call to action; I want you to become involved. You can start by simple donating to our Community Outreach Projects and as you see our growth and positive influence on the community; you can decide to participate on a greater level.  We want you to be comfortable with your commitment to us and us to you.

     I am telling you, for as little as $30 per month, you can help build and strengthen the community and you will be personally recognized for your services.  When you join the team; you are, literally, a part of the solution.  Every donor will be recognized.

     I am asking you to be a part of the Great American Tradition.  America became the greatest country in the world because of one reason and only one reason.  Americans, throughout history, have always stood together, helping each other, which makes America’s greatest asset her people.  Americans working together for the greater success and glory of the whole because people really do matter!  This is our heritage.

      Never forget; everyone needs a hand at some point in their life and the government is completely incapable of running the social outreach programs of this country. You cannot relegate compassion, hope, love or concern to a system.  It can only be accomplished through people, with the independence to operate and act directly, creatively and compassionately for their neighbors and friends.

      At this moment, we are a small but very dedicated organization with a tremendous mission.  We need your help, now, today!

      Remember, our success is your success and it equals the success of our entire community, the nation.  We need to bring back the time when individuals mattered and hard work, loyalty, and dedication meant something.



I am asking YOU to become a part of our team, TODAY, by contributing to Noblesse Oblige Charities


Be a part of the SOLUTION, not a part of the PROBLEM




With Warm Regards,


H.I.&M.E.H. Pr. Fra’ Dr. D. Lee Pippin



Noblesse Oblige Charities

The Community Outreach Programs (Direct Services) and Fundraising arm for

The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Knights of the Imperial Orders, Inc.


a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Corporation


Under the direction of H.I.&M.E.H. Prince Fra' Dr. D. Lee Pippin - Grand Crowned Prince, Grandmaster and Archbishop

of the Orders and with the full authority of the Sovereign Council

The Knight on horseback leading the charge for justice.  A representation of The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Knight of the Imperial Orders.
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